The bacon and the bagel

The answers to the inevitable questions this post will invoke: oh yes I can, and oh yes I did. This lump of dough is destined to be bacon bagels by this afternoon. I’ve never tried it before. I did a small amount of research online, and it certainly has been done. But I went on my own bagel recipe and just basically added bacon. I went with the tried and true culinary formula: bacon = everything is better. More photos to come. Dan.


The dough ball is full of bacon. Eleven pieces kneaded gently in.


The bagels are proofing. The proof is in the bacon,

the bacon is in the proof.


Boiling bacon bagels.


In the oven my little pretties.


My brown crispy beauties. They’re crispy on the outside and feel nice and light on the inside. Stay tuned for the carving ceremony later.


Aaaahhhh yeah! Just right. Ready for the toaster.



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